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How Karachi’s architecture became environmentally unsustainable.
The hashtags #AhmadisAreNotMuslims and #Expose_Qadyani_ProMinisters may have been started by JUI activists, but their popularity amongst users across the political spectrum reflects the strength of anti-Ahmadi hatred in Pakistan.

Fact Check

Fact: The claim is half true, half false. Karachi’s Expo Centre has run out of stock of the CanSino Bio and Sinopharm vaccines. Only AstraZeneca and Sinovac are available, while Sinopharm is only available for those returning for a second jab. The Pakistani government recently greenlit AstraZeneca for everyone above 18. Soch Fact Check has been unable to verify if Lahore’s Expo Center has vaccines in stock.
Fact: Chaudhry ruled out the possibility of the governor’s rule, calling it undemocratic, and asked the Supreme Court to enforce Article 140A in Sindh.